Indoor Outdoor Electric Insect Killer Black


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Indoor Outdoor Electric Insect Killer Black

Zapping bugs without a single swat. Or using any hazardous chemicals or sprays. Or better still, any risky high voltage elimination. That’s what you’ll love most about our Electric Insects Trap. Trap and kill automatically. Simple as that.

With its high efficiency dumet BLB bulb and steady UV-A light waves, the lantern-like Insects Trap does the job clean and green. It attract all kinds of flying bugs with its glowing 360ïvisible blue light, and once they inside, they can’t get out. You can also add water, juice of any insect attractant into the removable bait tray for better attraction. The quiet and efficient fan also helps to reel the insects into the trap door with its powerful suction. And the bugs will eventually bite the dust without any way of escaping.The

Electric Insects Trap has an effective range of up to 150m2 with a maximum 8,000 working hours, and is weather-resistant and fire-proof. Which makes it perfect for outdoor use when flying bugs are at its height of activity at dusk and night time. And when the job’s done, just detach the bait tray for a good clean-up.


* High efficiency dumet BLB bulb

* Steady UV-A light wave

* Ideal for indoor and outdoor

* Premium ABS fireproof material

* Transparent lamp cover

* Durable fan with powerful suction

* Detachable legs

* Hanging ring

* 8,000 working hours

* Up to 150m2 coverage

* Non-slip rubber feet

* Quiet operation

* Energy-saving

* Eco-friendly

* Radiation free


* Material: Premium ABS (Fireproof)

* Input power: AC 12V 1000mA

* Ratings: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

* Voltage: 9W

* Bulb voltage: 2 x 7W

* Average working life: 8000 hours

* Area coverage: 150m2

* Colour: Black

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1 x Insect Killer


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