Ionmax ION90 Hybrid UV Humidifier


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Ultrasonic UV Warm/Cool Humidifier Ion90

Relying on the fan outlet to deliver mist, the Hybrid Humidifier Ion90 uses a combination of UV LED and Bio-Photo Catalyst to constantly sterilise and deodorise the air before allowing it to blow clean, pure mist. The combination of bio material and photo catalyst acts as an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent when activated by ultraviolet rays. When the photo catalyst captures ultraviolet light, it forms activated oxygenfrom water or oxygen in the air.


    Duo-humidification methods – Cool mist and warm mist
    UV Bio-Photocatalyst sterilisation and deodorisation
    Dual mist outlets
    Humidity level control
    Humidification timer
    Humidistat for pre-set humidity level
    Programmed humidity settings
    Sleep mode
    Water shortage indicator


    Model: Ion90
    Power consumption:
    -Ultrasonic: 40 W
    -Heat Vapouriser: 125 W
    Coverage area: 20 – 30 sqm
    Tank capacity: 6.5 L
    Humidification rate
    -Ultrasonic: 300mL/hr
    -Heat vaporising: 400mL/hr
    Continuous humidity
    -Ultrasonic: Minimum 21 hrs
    -Heat vaporising: Minimum 16 hrs
    Weight: 3.5 kg
    Dimensions: 315 x 180 x 260 mm

Package Contents

1 x Warm/Cool Humidifier


Ionmax ION90 Humidifier User Manual

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